Trafford Housing Trust

As one of the largest social housing providers in Trafford, Greater Manchester, Trafford Housing Trust is dedicated to providing homes and sustainable communities for the future. We don’t just look after this generation; we want to preserve a legacy of strong communities for the many generations to come.

Ultimately, each and every one of us at the Trust loves what we do and our customers and stakeholders tell us that we do it pretty well.

Since the Trust was founded in 2006 we have embarked on a period of positive change, making tough decisions, on-going improvement, which continues to provide heart-warming success stories for our 11,000 customers. We believe people help make this

Trust work – our customers, our staff, our partners and our stakeholders all add value to the Trust and by adding value we can make a long lasting difference to our neighbourhoods.

So we hope you enjoy reading about our work, appreciate our success stories, respect the mutually-productive partnerships we’re building and understand our vision to become the community that looks after the community.