Members, contractors and consultants benefit from framework engagement day

Members, contractors and consultants have lauded the success of JV North’s framework engagement day.

The consortium’s £560 million homebuilding framework launched last year to help members deliver in the region of 4,000 homes by 2026 to address the housing crisis.

Those appointed to the framework include contractors across three band values, architects, employers agents, purchaser agents, principal designers, structural engineers, MEP engineers, valuers, planners and clerks of works.

Held at Ashton Old Baths – the home of JV North’s programme manager, Saffer Cooper Consultancy – a series of sessions were held for groups of specialists throughout the day.

An overview of the framework was provided outlining the scale of JV North’s programme that sees members continuing to build the equivalent of 3.5 homes every working day.

Details of the amount of Homes England grant members have drawn down to date, how much investment there has been from members and the opportunities provided through the framework was given to demonstrate the scale of work on offer.

Delegates were then given chance to meet each JV North member in ‘speed dating’ style so they could discuss forthcoming schemes, how they could work better together and explain their services.

Alex Fury, Assistant Director of Assets and Growth at JV North member Muir, said: “Managing risk is vitally important in the current climate so being able to have open discussions is beneficial for both parties.

“So too is acknowledging that we are all facing the same challenges in our bid to build more homes so talking about how we can work together better in genuine partnerships was very welcome.”

HMS is a contractor on the framework.  Commercial Director Ian McGillivary said: “It was very useful being able to understand what plans JV North members have and the type of services and arrangements they are looking for from contractors.

“Being back to personal contact can’t be underestimated either as it really helps develop relationships, giving us more confidence sharing information and details of what we can offer.”

Rob Henderson, Managing Director at architects JDA, said: “We warmly welcomed the opportunity to meet JV North’s members and felt valued by being asked for our opinions as to how we can work together better.

“Being kept up-to-date by Saffer Cooper and the members around latest opportunities was very helpful especially as we’re all trying to build more homes but coming at it from different angles.”

Managing Director for J Greenwood (Builders), Adrian Rooney, said: “Learning of JV North members’ pipeline of work was very informative.

“Applying and joining was a commitment on our behalf and we are really keen to work with the consortium over the course of the framework – our appetite to build matches that of JV North’s members.”

JV North’ Building Back Fairer principle underpins the framework with those appointed working with member organisations to also provide clear social value outcomes and address key issues such as inequality, poor health, unemployment and apprenticeships.