JV North launches £560m framework to build 4,000 homes in 2021/26 programme

JV North has launched a £560 million ‘building back fairer’ framework to help members develop 4,000 homes.

The consortium, whose members manage over 125,000 homes, is inviting contractors and consultants to bid for places on its four-year framework.

For construction lots, large and regional SME contractors are being invited along with a wide range of consultants.

The framework has three construction bands valued at £1 to £4 million, £4 to £10 million and £10 million and over.

Contractors can apply to join any two bands.

In a bid to increase opportunities for SMEs, schemes valued up to £2 million will be made available on the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) portal that simplifies the procurement process.

The consortium is also seeking contractors to deliver offsite projects using modern methods of construction via the DPS and these works will be unlimited in contract value.

Another change to the current JV North framework sees an increase in consultants.

Architects, employers agents, purchaser agents, principle designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, structural engineers, valuers, planning consultants and clerk of works are all being sought.

Sean Stafford, who is Director of Saffer Cooper which manages JV North’s development and framework programme, said:

“Our previous three frameworks have seen excellent work carried out, helping members build the equivalent of three-and-a-half homes every working day.

“JV North is adopting the ‘building back fairer’ principle to this framework and all work it undertakes to help create more rounded communities.

 “As such, we have made significant changes to ensure our actions match our words.

“Framework partners will be asked to help members address inequalities, poor health and unemployment by delivering social value in the schemes they are appointed to.

“As well as larger businesses, SMEs can apply for works in a simple manner via the DPS so JV North can further increase the investment it makes in local economies and communities.”

JV North Chairman and Chief Executive at Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Wayne Gales, said:

“It is vital we take a new approach to how we procure contractors and consultants. They are central to our homebuilding plans yet are and will be facing great pressure as a consequence of Covid-19.

“Our vision is to create genuine partnerships with them.

“We are not focusing purely on narrow economics, we are also looking at the added value provided that will help us deliver a connected masterplan to address housing, health and unemployment to reap build back fairer benefits.

“More than ever before in our lifetime, the coming post-Covid-19 years will need us to focus on investing in people too, not just buildings.”

 JV North will hold engagement sessions with interested contractors and consultants on April 19 and the deadline to submit applications is May 11.

An announcement of those awarded places will made at the end of June with call offs starting in July.