JV North holds in-depth data collection week to analyse the housebuilding environment

JV North is running a data collection week to help members operate more efficiently by making better informed decisions using up-to-date insight of the current housebuilding environment.

A range of key topics are being examined from 5 February:

1. Contractor exposure
2. Risk and measures
3. Construction cost benchmarking
4. Financial appraisals
5. Building Safety Act changes
6. Staffing costs
7. Project management software for housing developments

The purpose of identifying a set week allows JV North members to plan and therefore commit to providing the key information requested so comprehensive and secure sets of data are captured.

Workbooks, templates and background commentary was provided in advance of the week to help the consortium’s 13 members complete and return high-quality information.

This will then be collated and analysed by JV North’s programme management consultant, Saffer Cooper and shared with the consortium.

Taking construction cost benchmarking as an example, members will share data on tender prices, costs and rates for schemes all of which are seen as vital in the current climate of 15-year-high interest rates, inflationary pressures and supply chain delays.

Analysing contractor exposure will allow each housing association in JV North to know how much work each building company has, with who and project completion dates as well sharing recent experiences of on-site performance to spot trends and opportunities.

JV North Chair John Bowker, who is also Executive Director of Operations at Stockport Homes Group, said: “Our housebuilding members operate in a very challenging financial environment.

“Being able to analyse the social housebuilding sector in greater depth using a combination of relevant financial data along with recent first-hand personal experiences is vital to allow us to build more homes with increased efficiencies.

“Sharing this information among a wider pool rather than analysing it in isolation paints a more accurate picture of the current landscape.

“Pricing development schemes is currently difficult so more detailed financial modelling will allow us to help Homes England calculate the most appropriate grant rate for schemes based on hard evidence.”