JV North approaching 10,000 homes landmark with £1 billion investment in the North West


homes built in NW


people housed


homes in 2021/26


bedrooms delivered

£1.7 billion


(by the end of 2021/26 AHP)

Member capital

by programme

JV North is on course to build its 10,000th home in the North West.

The consortium, which comprises of homebuilding housing associations and local authorities, is also closing in on £1 billion of investment in its communities.

Members will build in the region of 4,000 properties in the 2021/2026 Affordable Homes Programme with the 10,000th due to start on-site in the coming weeks.

The figures equate to JV North building the equivalent of two-and-a-half homes every working day since forming in 2007.

Chairman of JV North, Wayne Gales, who is also Chief Executive of Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “The statistics are hugely impressive and demonstrate members’ on-going appetite and determination to address the housing crisis.

“The most important figure from our statistical review revealed 30,000 people are now in high quality, warm, safe homes thanks to the homebuilding work carried out by JV North and supported by contractors and consultants.

“And our recently procured £560 million homebuilding framework and dynamic purchasing system puts us in a prime position to continue this important work.

“With a growing population and people living longer than ever before, providing affordable homes with the right tenures is vital.

“Under the Housing Corporation, the Homes and Communities Agency and Homes England we have consistently built in large numbers to meet the needs of local people and will continue to do so.”

By the end of the 2021/26 Affordable Homes Programme, in the region of £1.7 billion will have been invested by JV North and Homes England.