JV North offers a three-tier membership system:

Full Member Benefits

  • A seat on the JV North Board
  • Full access to JV North’s £560m, four-year framework
  • Economies of scale when bidding for Homes England grant
  • Shared intelligence, learning, market data and risk
  • Ongoing support from Saffer Cooper Consultancy
  • Full access to Land Insight software
  • Single joining fee of £5,000
  • £260 for each property delivered through the consortium

Associate Member Benefits

  • Recognition of members of individual RP group structures
  • Access to the framework
  • Free of charge to full members
  • Followed by £260 per property delivered

Procurement Member Benefits

  • Full access to JV North’s £560m, four-year framework to procure contractors and consultants
  • Full access to JV North’s Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Unlimited size and number of projects that can be delivered via the framework
  • No long-term commitment needed; one-year membership option
  • Procurement membership fees are negotiable

For more information please contact scc@saffercooper.com

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