Fire and building safety events to prepare members for legislative changes

JV North’s latest Task and Finish event reunited a group of building safety managers from the consortium to look at Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Bill 2022 implications.

The session considered how the new legislation will affect not just high rise, complex buildings in the current scope but embrace some of the key aspirations and good practice within mainstream housing development.

It was also preparation for JV North’s next lunchtime learning event on fire and building safety, which takes place on 26 May.

The work is aimed at the consortium’s development teams to prepare them for the changes, consider the impact on new build schemes and provide a level of understanding sufficient to engage with asset management and maintenance colleagues, consultants and contractors.

The learning event will see a comprehensive explanation of all regulatory changes in the Act and Bill, provide an overview of the three new ‘gateway’ checkpoints and explain the government’s digital Golden Thread requirements.

Template clauses for procurement and contracts, as well as updating handover procedures will also be covered.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Bill 2022 are key to improving safety standards in buildings and ensuring there is adequate protection of lives and property.

They have been designed by government to ensure people can feel safe in their homes and to ensure there is no repeat of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Jayne Lomas who directs JV North’s Task and Finish Group, said: “The Act and Bill changes contain critical information that all our homebuilding members need to be fully aware of and understand.

“In preparation for the workshop on 26 May we liaised with JV North’s highly skilled and experienced building safety managers to publish an advice note that will serve as essential pre-reading.

“Stockport Homes is kindly hosting the event next month, which will see people attend in person with hopefully others able to join online too, where they will be able to learn about the new legislation, discuss points, share intelligence and ask building safety managers questions.”

JV North’s Task & Finish Group

Set up in January following a comprehensive review into the biggest issues facing organisations developing new properties, JV North’s Task and Finish Group sees members receive expertise advice on new legislation and the chance to share best practice, data and intelligence in a series of forums.

The Task and Finish Group sessions focus on JV North’s response to:

  1. Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Bill 2022 changes;
  2. Striving for net zero and making carbon reductions;
  3. Planning for forthcoming changes to Building Regulations and Future Home Standards;
  4. Delivering modern methods of construction (MMC) homes at scale while improving efficiency, quality of design and standards;
  5. Employers’ requirements updates.