JV North is a consortium of housing associations and local authorities from across the North West and is one of the biggest developers of new social homes in the UK.

Formed in 2007, we have invested over £1 billion in partnership with Homes England.

This has seen members build the equivalent of 3.5 homes every working day to help address the housing crisis with nearly 10,000 properties in total.

Our appetite to build continues to grow with work underway in the 2021-26 Affordable Homes Programme where in the region of 4,000 more homes will be developed.

In addition to economies of scale when bidding for Homes England grant, we work together to share intelligence, market insight, best practice and risk management so more homes can be built quicker than ever.

Building Back Fairer

Through ongoing collaboration, we are able to maximise outcomes to ensure we are Building Back Fairer allowing us to help create stronger communities through clear social value by:

  • Delivering the right homes in the right areas
  • Addressing inequalities
  • Improving health standards
  • Reducing unemployment
Social Value

Giving back through employment and community initiatives


Increased opportunity for smaller local businesses


Internal and external standards so people can live comfortably


Changes to contracts to recognise industry challenges

Fuel Poverty

An environmental approach to new developments

How the consortium works

JV North is a not for profit organisation and operates an equal status model with the Board comprising of directors from each member organisation and annually elects its chairperson.

Members undertake JV North’s key administrative tasks ensuring the consortium operates efficiently and effectively within its own resources. Service level agreements see members taking responsibility for services such as legal, accounting, financial and I.T.

Member Support

Behind JV North sits the Saffer Cooper Consultancy, which manages the development programme and grant funding, reporting to and liaising with the Board and Homes England to ensure delivery of a significant development programme.

It leads quarterly Board, Development Group and Task and Finish meetings as well as governance, Investment Management System support, running our framework and overseeing external compliance audit work.