£250m homebuilding works launched for SME contractors including MMC specialists

JV North has extended its procurement arrangements to SMEs giving them chance to secure £250m of homebuilding work over the next four years.

Smaller contractors and offsite manufacturers are wanted to deliver part of the c.4,000 homes the consortium’s 12 members will build in the 2021/26 Affordable Homes Programme.

Having launched a £560m contractors’ and consultants’ framework last August, it is now inviting smaller contractors and modern methods of construction (MMC) specialists to bid for work via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) tendering portal.

Lot one is specifically for contractors with work valued at up to £2 million and there is also a specialist section for MMC schemes.

A consultant lot sees the consortium inviting submissions for valuation services.

Via the DPS, it is anticipated £250 million of work will be delivered for JV North by SMEs.

JV North Chairman, Wayne Gales, said: “We first introduced a lot for SMEs four years ago and it was extremely successful in attracting a wider range of contractors to help us build more homes and address the housing crisis.

“This is not only a key element of JV North’s approach to ‘building back fairer’ but also backs the levelling up agenda with members able to support local and regional economies and employment.

“The simplified nature of the DPS is very attractive to smaller companies who invariably do not always have the capacity to access higher value schemes but still deliver outstanding work that we want to access, so we encourage as many as possible to register.

“There will be a significant number of schemes valued up to £2 million in the coming years and developing smaller scale sites will play a crucial role in enabling us to provide a diverse range of homes and tenures to meet demand in our communities.”

JV North’s DPS is being managed by Saffer Cooper Consultancy.

Director, Sean Stafford, said: “JV North has invested heavily in creating a comprehensive procurement system in order to attract both large contractors for the framework and SMEs via the DPS.

“We are encouraging as many smaller contractors as possible to apply so they can compete for work via mini-tenders that will be based not just on price but heavily weighted to quality, experience and social value benefits for local communities.

“Companies accepted on to the system have an equal chance of winning work as there isn’t a rotation list and development schemes won’t be directly awarded so there are a lot of opportunities for an unlimited number of businesses.”

SMEs can apply to register via JV North Ltd Electronic Tendering Site – Home (in-tendhost.co.uk)